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    Escher.jl - Functional Reactive Web without compiling to JavaScript

    Shashi Gowda
    Shashi Gowda
    schedule 1 year ago
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    45 mins

    Escher.jl is a Julia package designed to give anyone the power to create sophisticated web-based UIs that are driven by data on server and inputs from the user. Escher is based on the principles of denotative programming - denotations of UI components (called Virtual DOM nodes) are handed off to the browser to be rendered. The result is a framework that abstracts the capabilities of CSS, JavaScript and HTML elements into a single consistent library. Interaction in Escher is done via Reactive.jl - a port of Elm's signal library. In this talk I will explain the inner workings of this Signal library, and of Escher and show how all the pieces fit together to form a convenient functional framework for full-stack web development.

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