• Mushtaq Ahmed
    Mushtaq Ahmed
    schedule 1 year ago
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    90 mins

    Organising code as chained combination of data processing steps is a common pattern. Functional programming has made it ubiquitous due to concise lambda notations. But there are wide variations in how these pipelines are implemented. In this talk we will explore important properties of lazy data streams such as: push vs pull, hot vs cold, linear-flows vs graphs, perishable vs reusable, unicast vs multicast, synchronous vs asynchronous back-pressured etc.

    We will then explain "reactive-streams" protocol which guarantees asynchronous back-pressure for push based data streams. We will conclude with a demo using Akka-Streams which is an implementation of this protocol. The demo will involve a) streaming images from server to the browser over websockets, b) transferring large files from one source server to multiple destination servers.

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