• Pratik Patel
    Pratik Patel
    schedule 1 year ago
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    240 mins

    This is an introductory level workshop on ClojureScript. Attendees should have working knowledge of Clojure and should bring a laptop with the ability to install and run development software.

    ClojureScript is a functional programming for JavaScript. ClojureScript is a compiler for Clojure that emits Javascript. ClojureScript is practical, elegant, and most importantly, fun! In this workshop, we'll go from setting up the ClojureScript platform to building a database-backed website in 3 hours. We'll introduce concepts in Functional Programming and avail of the awesome ClojureScript browser REPL to build a web app. We'll also discover the power of Om, a ClojureScript library that marries the popular React.js framework into ClojureScript.

    ClojureScript is a version of the popular functional programming language Clojure that compiles to JavaScript. We will avail of the awesome ClojureScript browser REPL to build a web app. In this workshop we'll cover the following topics to get you up-and-running and on the way to becoming a ClojureScript expert:

    1. Installing the ClojureScript platform
    2. Setting up the interactive browser REPL
    3. Building web apps with ClojureScript
    4. Persisting to a database in ClojureScript
    5. Fast single page applications using Om
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    Functional Web Development with ClojureScript

    Pratik Patel
    Pratik Patel
    schedule 1 year ago
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    45 mins

    This session introduces developing web applications that run in the browser using ClojureScript. ClojureScript is a variant of standard Clojure which outputs JavaScript, rather than JVM bytecode, so it can be run in the browser or in Node.js. In this session, we'll introduce the ClojureScript toolchain and compiler. We'll talk about how ClojureScript uses Google Closure to provide some of the "glue" for Clojure to JavaScript. We'll also look at a live example so you can see how this all comes together and where to get started with building web applications using ClojureScript.

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