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    Array Oriented Functional Programming with Dyalog

    Morten Kromberg
    Morten Kromberg
    Jay Foad
    Jay Foad
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    480 mins

    Dyalog is a modern, array-first, multi-paradigm programming language, which supports functional, object-oriented and imperative programming based on an APL language kernel. During the morning and early afternoon, Dyalog's functional language guru John Scholes will introduce the fundamentals of functional programming in APL. At the end of the day, Dyalog CTO Morten Kromberg will round off with an application development session, showing how a simple web application with a HTML5/JS front-end and a RESTful web service can be used to deliver the power of APL to end users, or as embeddable components for other application tools. The "hands on" sections of the workshop can be followed under Mac OS X, Linux, or Microsoft Windows.

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