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    Julia - A Lisp for Fast Number Crunching

    Shashi Gowda
    Shashi Gowda
    Viral B. Shah
    Viral B. Shah
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    240 mins

    Julia is a programming language for data science and numerical computing. Julia is a high-level, high-performance dynamic language, it uses just-in-time compilation to provide fast machine code - dynamic code runs at about half the speed of C, and orders of magnitude faster than traditional numerical computing tools.

    Julia borrows two main ideas from Lisp lore:

    1. Multiple-dispatch: a method is identified by a name and the types of all of its arguments (traditional OOP only uses the type of a single argument) multiple-dispatch allows for a natural programming model suitable for mathematics and general purpose programming. Interestingly, the same feature is responsible for Julia's ability to generate really fast machine code.
    2. Macros: Julia has syntax that is familiar to users of other technical computing environments, however, Julia expressions are homoiconic -- Julia code can be represented as Julia data structures, and transformed from one form to another via hygienic macros. There are some very interesting uses of macros to create domain-specific languages for effective programming. 

    (I will be presenting this workshop along with Viral B Shah - co-creator of Julia)

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