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    Introduction to Swift Workshop

    Daniel Steinberg
    Daniel Steinberg
    schedule 1 year ago
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    480 mins

    If you are an experienced developer who hasn't had a chance to look at the Swift Programming Language, this workshop is for you.

    We'll look at language fundamentals: functions, variables and constants, collections, control-flow, optionals, generics, and closures. We'll look at Swift classes, objects, protocols, structs, modules, and enumerations.

    We'll use Swift Playgrounds to explore some of these aspects of the language including the latest additions to Swift 2.0.

    Swift is scheduled to be open sourced this fall. You will be able to use it for development on Linux and OS X.

    There will be several hands-on portions of this workshop. To fully participate in those, you must have the Xcode 7 beta installed on your Mac.

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