If you think this is going to be a talk on JavaScript, you’re wrong.
If you think this is going to be a talk on Scheme/Functional Programming, you’re wrong.
If you think you know what this talk is going to be about, you’re probably wrong.

Remember when you watched Inception? Or Interstellar? You’ll have to empty your mind, relax the day before and then come attend this talk. See you there.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

The structure will be changed at runtime.

Learning Outcome

Computing Enlightenment

Target Audience

Anybody with sufficient interest in computing

schedule Submitted 4 years ago

Public Feedback

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  • Dhaval Dalal
    By Dhaval Dalal  ~  2 years ago
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    Hi Dhaval,

       Thanks for submitting the proposal.  The description of the talk seems quite intriguing, however given it is targetted towards beginner, can you please lay draw some outline, the slides on the URL still give me a feeling of "undefined" on what you intend to cover, despite your ability to change the content at runtime.




  • Liked Mayank Jain

    Mayank Jain - Testing business logic using DSLs in Clojure

    Mayank Jain
    Mayank Jain
    Software Artisan
    schedule 4 years ago
    Sold Out!
    45 Mins
    Experience Report

    Testing business logic quickly becomes tricky, as applications grow and scale. Example based unit and integration tests, and exploratory tests become poor choices to check and verify a large state space. Also such methods are not  well-suited to clearly describe the state space / transitions we want to test. 

    Since we use Clojure to write test suites and tools at Helpshift, we tried experimenting with DSLs to express some of our testing problems. We've found that mini DSLs can indeed become useful to describe and test fairly complicated business logic.

    In this talk I will cover some of the mini-DSL approaches we've tried, demonstrate one of them by example, and discuss the benefits and drawbacks based on current experience.

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    Bhasker Kode - Workshop: Erlang by example

    Bhasker Kode
    Bhasker Kode
    Building stuff
    schedule 4 years ago
    Sold Out!
    480 Mins

    From fundamentals to deploying Erlang micro-service.