Scala is a general-purpose object functional programming language that runs on Java Virtual Machine (JVM). But the recent explosion of programming languages on JVM raises a question that every developer faces today: which programming language to learn next? Which languages are ready for mainstream development? Among the heap of programming languages why should you learn Scala?
In this workshop we will focus on 10 Scala features and play with it. I am sure by end of the day you will be convinced that Scala should be your next language.

Outline/Structure of the Workshop

- This  workshop will be hands on exposure to Scala. Here are some of the features I will talk about:

- Scala basics

- Interop with Java

- Simpler concurrency (future, actors)

- Functional programming constructs

- Traits

- Pattern matching

I will also make sure I provide enough real world perspective so that audience can learn how Scala and functional programming concepts are used in real world.



Learning Outcome

- Basic understanding of Scala features

- How OO and FP features are used together

- Modern building blocks for building concurrent & distributed applications

- Types of applications built using Scala


Target Audience

Java developers, architectures

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