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    Modeling a game with melody recognition and machine training using ClojureScript and real instruments

    Akshay Gupta
    Akshay Gupta
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    Being great at a first-person shooter game requires a lot of hand-eye coordination and skill with the mouse. Being great at an MMORPG requires a working knowledge of a vast variety of keyboard shortcuts. Being great at a fighting game requires speed and skill with the gamepad.

    The underlying philosophy behind this experiment is to showcase that you can potentially take the input to any stringed instrument (with a pickup) lying around in your house, to use to design a game that requires as much skill (if not more) as playing any other game with any other kind of input device. By treating the instrument as a game controller, and moving the onus of deriving quality from the playing into the system, we can harness some of the basic qualities – speed and melody – of the instrument to make our game more interesting and a lot more unique and fun.

    The idea is to go as far away from being a Guitar Hero derivative as possible, and closer to a system that treats it as just another input device. The game should not be about playing guitars or any kind of music, but should be about playing any other regular game. Unlike other Musical Instrument Games™, we want ours to work for anyone, anywhere. So we're going to use a simple semi-electric guitar plugged into the microphone line-in and demonstrate this on the browser using the Web Audio Interface.

    We'll go through a few papers and look at implementing some of the algorithms to pitch / note detect in near real-time, process the input to make sense of it, run it through a few simple constraints and algorithms to recognise what a melody might be like and eventually explore how we can make the system intelligent enough to train itself based on the player and the styles so that we can generate smarter and harder levels for our game.

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