• Tanmai Gopal
    Tanmai Gopal
    schedule 1 year ago
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    45 mins
    Experience Report

    From the perspective of one of the few companies in the country using Haskell in production (hasura.io), we will talk about the journey of using Haskell as a programming language to build and maintain real world software.
    From the burden of choosing a language that probably has a single digit number of active developers in the country, to
    the joys of a small team churning out code that just keeps on working.

    We'll go over how we created a team, organized work ("software development practices"), architecting code, tooling up, testing, performance tweaking and finally deploying a Haskell codebase. We hope that Haskell developers with some prior experience will be able to take away
    something new about the Haskell ecosystem, and those interested in just functional programming will see tangible value in how certain features unique to Haskell have an impact.

    Expect a case study, a review of some cutting-edge tools and how to use them, and some Haskell code samples that will make you grunt in geeky approval.

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