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    Property Based Testing

    John Hughes
    John Hughes
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    480 mins

    Property-based testing is an approach that combines test case generation, automated test execution, and the first steps of diagnosis by automatically simplifying failing tests to minimal examples. When used well it seems almost like magic: you give a simple specification of how your code should behave, and in return a tool tells you your bugs. This workshop will introduce the basics of property-based testing, using Quviq's tool QuickCheck. The workshop will be very hands-on, so you will develop property-based tests for simple systems on your own laptop during the day.

    You will learn about properties (the specifications that we test), generators (used to generate test cases), and state machine models (used to specify stateful behaviour). You will be using Erlang to write tests, and testing code in both Erlang and C. Finally we'll dip into race-condition testing, which is something of a "killer app" for this approach.

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