The Promise of Ratpack - Bringing the power of Functional Programming to JVM Web Development

Ratpack is a light-weight framework for developing web applications and web APIs. It is a Java 8 framework with Groovy DSL support. Ratpack is built on the concepts of asynchronous and non-blocking programming model and lazy by default. Ratpack is also one one of the reactive streams compliant system. In this demo, I will be exploring the power  of Promise construct, which is the heart of Ratpack and provides functional programming capabilities.


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

  • Introduction to Ratpack - 5 min
  • Ratpack asynchronous execution model with Promise - 5 min
  • Promises are everywhere and lazy - 10 min
  • Functional operations with Promises - 10 min
  • Serial and Parallel batch of promises - 10 min
  • Q&A - 5 min

Learning Outcome

  • Developers with web app/API development background and the basic understanding of functional programming will walk away with a tool that will help them to combine the power of the two in building HTTP applications.
  • Food for thought on how to leverage asynchronous and non-blocking techniques in HTTP apps that are resource efficient.

Target Audience

Developers, Architects, Technologists

schedule Submitted 3 years ago