Go (pure) functional on jvm with Frege

 Frege is the Haskell for JVM. Like Haskell, it is purely functional, enjoys a strong static type system with global type inference and is also non-strict. JVM doesn't support any such pure functional language to feed your functional thirst. Time to have fun with Frege.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

What is Frege ?

How it evolved?

How is it different from Scala ?

Tools and libraries

The core features of the language 

Development activities on the language


Learning Outcome

 By end of this session , attendees will be able to get started with Frege. Also, one can start contributing to the language development as we will be discussing about various platforms to enable people to collaborate and share ideas for the language.

Target Audience

Researchers, developers,students

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    Eric Torreborre - Practical eff monad for micro-services

    Eric Torreborre
    Eric Torreborre
    Sr. Software Engineer
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    45 Mins

    This talk presents how we use the Eff monad at Zalando to structure a REST microservice. Even when programming with functions, modules and components still matter, and I will present a new approach for dependency injection using the Reader monad (classic) and tree rewriting (what?). Then we will see how to specify more precisely several components (authentication, request to other services and database access) with the Eff monad and support additional concerns like logging or asynchronous execution.

    Once you get the basic idea, the possibilities are endless! Rate limiting is just another component and another set of effects involving time and state, testing becomes really clean and easy.