Adapting Functional Principles fo Web UI Development

Although functional Programming now has become a preferred way to write backend code for many years now, it is still a rare practice on the front-end development side. In this talk we will try to explore how we can utilise react.js, redux and immutable.js to leverage full potential of javascript as functional language and composable deterministic html templates to write declarative web ui.

We will not teaching basic of react.js or redux, rather we will see how these tools will help us to adapt functional programming principles form Web UI development.

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Outline/structure of the Session

I will be talking about evolving Web UI using functional principles. During session I will present some basic capabilities of react.js and immutable.js through code example.

Learning Outcome

Attendee will get overview of how they can use react.js, redux and immutable.js to developer web ui with composable, testable and predication components.

Target Audience

Developers who wants to adopt functional programming while creating web UI.

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