In this workshop you will learn how to build microservices with Aeron and SBE in Java. Microservices capable of handling millions of messages per second with very low and predictable response times. We will cover some networking theory and the design of Aeron so you know how to use it with mechanical sympathy.

The core design of Aeron uses a new functional data structure and functional concepts. In this workshop we will explore how functional designs applied with mechanical sympathy can result in the highest performance messaging system available.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  • Network Fundamentals
  • Aeron Design
  • Encoding & decoding messages with SBE for zero copy semantics
  • Handling large messages and streaming
  • Monitoring, debugging, and spying on streams
  • Basic tuning for performance and resource management
  • "Multicasting" in the cloud with multi-channel-cast
  • Configuring message delivery service levels: allow loss, reliable, durable, etc.
  • Flow control and congestion control strategies - When and how to use them.
  • Customising channel endpoints for extending Aeron, e.g. testing loss scenarios.

Learning Outcome

  • how to build microservices with Aeron and SBE in Java

Target Audience

Developers interested in Microservices


Delegates need a laptop with Java 8 installed and be comfortable with hands on coding.

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