The Mahabharata is described as "the longest poem ever written". With about 1.8 million words in total Mahabharata is about 10 times the length of Iliad and Odyssey combined. In this talk, we will travel back around 3102 BCE and try to witness the war between Pandavas and Kauravas. The war happened at Kurukshetra, currently city in Haryana, India.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

This talk is profoundly inspired by Evelina Gabasova's famous talk "Star Wars Social Network: The Force Awakens". Here instead of going to intergalactic journey, we will go back to "February 18 3102 BCE". A date widely associated with Mahabharata war.

Mahabharata is too long and having too many characters that can be covered in the single talk. Because of that, we will only select those 18 days of the war. And try to understand what happened in those 18 days.

In Mahabharata, 18 days of war covers 5 out of 19 chapters. The writing explains things in great details and that also in a poetic way. So, reading all that is quite exciting but takes lots of time. Can't we make the computer read it and explain things graphically to us? Of course, we can.

F# is wonderful language when it comes to data science, especially data processing and data visualization. So, in this talk, I will show how we can process that epic 18 days of war and visualize using Fable (F# to JavaScript transpiler) and D3.js (Data visualization library.)

Here using functional programming language we will try to find out different statistics about war, like who kill whom or who kills the most etc. As per one of the Mahabharata line, there were "One billion 660 million and 20,000 men have fallen in this battle. Of the heroes that have escaped, the number is 240,165." In this talk, we will try deep dive in this number using data sciences and graphs.

Learning Outcome

After this talk, audience will learn how they can use simple functional programming concept to do NLP(Natural Language Processing). How they can analyze and parse data using F#. And how Functional Programming Language make things easy for them to understand unstructured human speaking language. They will also learn bare bone of machine learning in their simplest form.

Target Audience

Anyone with knowledge of programming, knowledge of FP is not required but would be benificial. Simple understading of Math is also required.

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