Coding extreme level astrology in Scala and

Astrology takes into account of lot of things

To brief it: Astrology algorithm creates a birth chart called kundli based on one's birth details . This chart will have 12 houses and 9 planets

Astrology prediction is influenced by the planets sitting in each houses and number of laws according to it

For example

7'th house is for spouse: Now if the favourable planet of that house is in 7th and unfavourable planets are not satisfying condition of nearby laws then astrological prediction for married life will be positive.

We changed the code from basic dot net to scala so that there is more flexibility in writting custom laws and rules and getting more accurate predictions which could not have been possible without functional language features like monad and all

Delve Logic provides all sorts of astrology based solutions


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

Introduction about speaker

Introduction about astrology

Astrology code overview

Basic Rules section

Changes in basic rules and updates of results

Extreme Rules section

Changes in extreme rules and updates of results


Learning Outcome


Functional programming

Target Audience

Anyone who wants to know about power of functional programming and is at entry level of functional programming would find this session beneficial

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basics of how astrology works

Nothing else, as i can do live coding and provide changed output by tweaking rules while coding

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