Understanding the pitfalls in Erlang / Elixir and steering clear from them

Erlang has been in production for more than 30 years and a highly battle-tested robust system, which is being used by everybody including Telecom systems that provides 99.99% uptime. Elixir has been built on top of Erlang overcoming the shortcomings of the language and also using meta-programming, it has opened a new paradigm of looking at the language itself. I want to show what Elixir is to the audience and minute nuances that every experienced or inexperienced developer should be aware of before jumping into the magical erlang and elixir world.


Outline/Structure of the Talk


To make the audience aware of the basics and minute nuances of using erlang and elixir. Also, giving them some ideas as to how to solve those shortcomings / alternatives.

Why should you choose Erlang / Elixir?

Giving the audience an idea of where erlang / elixir fits and how to take the most out of them

Shortcomings of Erlang / Elixir in brief

Demonstration of where Erlang and Elixir might fail to perform as expected.

Real-life Alternatives / Solutions for the Shortcomings

Sharing the real-life problem that we have faced over the past and how we overcame them without turning down.


Summary of the major advantages of what Erlang and Elixir brings to the plate and a thanking note for the Audience

Learning Outcome

  • Understanding when to choose erlang or elixir
  • Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of erlang or elixir
  • Overcoming the major shortcomings of erlang and elixir

Target Audience

Beam language Enthusiasts ( Erlang and Elixir)

Prerequisites for Attendees

  • Attendees should be able to understand or grasp functional programming paradigm
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