Build Tetris Game with Elixir and Phoenix LiveView. Full day workshop.

Phoenix LiveView provides ability to build web application without any custom javascript.
You can write all the code on Backend server and the connection is alive and stateful.

In this workshop, you will build Tetris App in Elixir and Phoenix LiveView. The aim of this workshop is give more hands-on Elixir experience and cover various functions and syntax.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

1> Basic Counter example with Phoenix LiveView
2> Mouse key events update counter value
3> Tick auto-increment the counter
4> HTML CSS for Game Board example
5> new Elixir project - Elements needed for Tetris Game.
6> Game logic in Elixir
7> Refactor code
8> Use this Elixir project and make PhoenixLive paint it to the screen.
9> You have a working game on your machine.

We will cover many functions of Elixir that need to be used for Game logic Tetris example.

We will not cover OTP. We do not need GenServer at this point.
We will not cover Ecto as we are not storing anything to the Database.

Learning Outcome

The audience will have a working implementation of Tetris Game on their machine.

You will get to implement RealWorld app in Elixir.
Get to use many functions of Enum, List, Map, MapSet that you were not sure when and how to use.
The Game logic and game rules refactoring will help understand how to keep code easy to extend.

Target Audience

Beginners who want to have more hands-on with Elixir syntax and build a complete app in Elixir.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic Elixir Syntax like addition of numbers, Strings.
Write simple functions. Play around basic Enum operations.
Some understanding of CSS.

I will share a prerequisite doc with few examples that you can read before attending workshop.
Need to have elixir and phoenix installed and working on your laptop.

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