Joy - Maintaining Passion for Programming

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Many people in our industry are programmers because we're curious and passionate about coding. Each of us can remember latching onto a trivial programming problem and staying with it deep into the night. For far too many of us, that passion for programming fades under the slow, wilting heat of the day to day grind.

In this talk, Bruce Tate, author of Seven Languages in Seven Weeks, takes a frank look at the grind and offers some practical advice on putting the "fun" back into "functions". We'll introduce some pragmatic ideas to get you excited about the journey again. We can't always dramatically change our circumstances, but we can often make small tweaks to how we approach problems.

Come along. Enjoy the journey.


Learning Outcome

Learn to program with joy, improving both your personal and professional lives

Target Audience

Developers and managers who work with them

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