Asynchronous Functional Programming on the JVM

location_city Bengaluru schedule Nov 14th 05:15 - 06:00 PM place Ball Room 2 people 38 Interested

We'll take a close look at core.async - the CSP library for Clojure(script).

  • The motivation
  • Problems suitable for CSPs to handle
  • Syntax
  • Patterns

Given the minimalist nature of Lisps, the syntax is underwhelming, but applications can be exciting in the manner they make complex problems within reach.


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

  • Overview
  • Syntax
  • Self-contained problems with solutions - live coded.
  • Q & A (last 5-10 mins)

Learning Outcome

Understand where and how to use CSP. And specifically know how to use core.async in your everyday work.

Target Audience

Developers familiar with multi-threading, concurrent programming, and are looking for a different and extremely effective ways to improve their art in this area.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Familiarity with Lisp.

Clojure experience may be helpful, but not necessary.

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