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    High Performance Teams Game

    Mark Levison
    Mark Levison
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    90 mins

    As a Coach and a Team Member, I sometimes come across teams that don't seem to be able to achieve high performance, and the reasons why aren't apparent. This can be frustrating for everyone when this happens, so I wanted to explore this deeper and understand the science of what happens inside Agile/Scrum Teams.

    Some of the leading research[1] suggests that a key requirement for high performance teams is Cohesion. Cohesion is a measure of the strengths of the relationships between individual team members.

    In this session we will use this research to discover:

    • Simple communication patterns we can monitor to spot the health of the team.
    • Simple tools we can use to measure and track those patterns.
    • What effect the location of the Watercooler has? What effect Lunch Tables play?
    • Can Cohesive Teams get you into trouble? .....
    • The importance of Dissent and Diversity within teams.
    • Bonuses - The negative effects of individual bonuses are well understood by the Agile Community. However we’re left with the question - are there good bonuses?

    [1] Sandy Pentland - The New Science of Building Great Teams - http://hbr.org/2012/04/the-new-science-of-building-great-teams Ben Waber - People Analytics: http://www.amazon.ca/People-Analytics-Technology-Transform-Business/dp/0133158314

    The core of the session will a be a game that we play successive round of. After each round I will reveal the factors that affected play in that round. Perhaps making easier to decide what to do in the next round.

    In addition to the game the details of the research will be part of the session handout so attendees can focus on the play and not the details.