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    Become a Champion Developer by Reprogramming Yourself

    Olivier Gourment
    Olivier Gourment
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    60 mins

    The Heartbleed bug clearly demonstrated that one mistake is enough to destroy a reputation built over more than a decade of careful programming. OpenSSL is, after all, the most widely used cryptography project!

    How did this happen? Was it really inevitable? What were we told about the cause?

    How would Agile technical practices have helped and why are they not more widely adopted?

    We will deconstruct this example to illustrate what's going wrong in our field and what can and must be improved. This session will focus on YOU.

    We will review what we've learned over months of introspection, backed by recent science and link it to YOUR personal experience.

    You will learn and practice the 4 steps of Self Reprogramming, which are both easy to follow, and fantastically powerful if used consistently.

    Come to become a Champion!