• Phil Green
    Phil Green
    schedule 2 years ago
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    60 mins

    Maintaining a backlog of user focussed stories, breaking large stories down into smaller ones and turning small batches of the highest priority ones into working software on a regular basis is a cornerstone of a solid approach to agile software development. 

    However, a flat backlog and a near term viewpoint can result in losing the context of the small sprint level user stories in the larger product picture. A user story map arranges users stories from the linear/flat backlog model into a two dimensional model keeping everyone focussed on users and their experience - it tells the story of the product.  

    Many other benefits follow related to product discovery and planning to facilitating day to day conversations and shared understanding, ultimately leading to a better product.  

    In this hands on exercise facilitated by Phil Green, we'll learn about the model and technique by creating a simple user story map.