There is a silent leadership crisis going on right now in workplaces around the world. The generation shift and the changing needs of current workplaces are forcing an older generation of leaders to evolve their leadership styles. This conference will explore this crisis and point leaders towards different areas where they can observe their own behaviors and consider new possibilities.

Some people in management may recognize themselves and find information useful to them to become better leaders in their organizations. People attending that are regular employees may gain some insight on the leaders that surround them in their day-to-day lives.




Outline/Structure of the Talk

This will be a straight conference presentation. This is a new talk and I have not fully flushed everything out. I am planning on doing the talk in an interactive way but I have not finished working through the details.

Here is a high level structure for the talk:

- Topic introduction / setup (5 mins)

- Understanding the polarity between "directivity" and "leadership" (10 mins)

- Bringing more authenticity and vulnerability in leadership (10 mins)

- Why intentional leadership can only happen intentionally (10 mins)

- Why leadership also implies co-creation (10 mins)

- Understanding the distinction between management and leadership (5 mins)

- What are dormant leaders and why should you wake them up (10 mins)

- Conclusion and wrap-up (5 mins)



Learning Outcome

Here are some of the learning outcomes for participants:

- How the organizational landscape is changing. There is a generation shift in the market right now and different generations need different types of leadership.

- How leadership and management are actually two separate things. Why there are so many dormant leaders in organizations right now. How you can maximize the leadership potential in your organization.

- How authenticity and vulnerability can empower your leadership. Among other things, leaders used to need to have all the answers, but not anymore. How you can show up as an authentic and vulnerable leader in your organization.

- Why intentional leadership needs to happen... intentionally. Leadership is about who you are and how you act with people every day. How you can incorporate the power of clear intentions into your everyday leadership.

- Why co-creation is a skill every leader should acquire. As a leader, the ability to build with your employees is one of the keys to success. How you can co-create with your teams while allowing them the space to contribute to what you want to create.


Target Audience

Managers, Executives, Project Managers, Scrum Masters

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