Pivotal team "break/make" moment's - How to recognize them to influence teams journey

schedule Nov 23rd 04:15 - 05:15 PM place Room - Jean-Despréz

In this experience report, Jesus Mendez and Robert Pragai will navigate the audience through some of their inspiring experiences with teams that have had those moments that have marked their evolution towards the high-performance sustainability nirvana. By sharing their reflections about what the've called "Pivotal team "break/make" moments", Jesus and Robert will show you how to spot and process those special moments to empower and influence the team's journey to thrive.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

1.Team evolution thoughts (5 mins)

This section will provide you with an introduction to Jesus's and Robert's reflections about agile teams and how Jesus's new book "Agile teams from forming to performing, techniques for transforming teams into high-performing agile teams", brought them discuss about team evolution and pivotal team moments.

2.Pivotal team moment (25 mins)

  • Definition, examples + outcome (15 mins) 
    • Defining these moments
    • Three examples ranging from sports to our own teams Pivotal Team Moment Reflections + their outcome
  • Open Discussion with the audience (10 mins)
    • Engage with the audience about their experience, this will allow the audience to see how diverse and common these moments are.

3.Similarities/Key points (5 mins)

Now that we have defined the what and that the audience relates to the topic, we will review the characteristics and traits that both open minded and close minded teams from our example demonstrated.

4.Techniques (10 mins)

This section will provide the audience with techniques and your role within these moments 

  • Spotting/Identifying on an individual basis
    • Simple questions that an individual can ask on a recurring basis, that will help them identify these moments
  • Spotting/Identifying on a team basis
    • Team exercises demonstration to help with bringing these moments to the surface
  • Processing to empower 
    • Techniques to solidify the team in order for them to increase their chance to positively deal with these moments
  • Influencing teams journey to thrive
    • Techniques that you can use to establish a solid team foundation and guide them through these moments

5.Final thoughts (5 mins)


Learning Outcome

- Gain an understanding of how to spot pivotal moments and some simple techniques to employ
- The slight differences between open minded and close minded teams
- The incredible amount of influence that each one of us has over these situations
- Even the most insignificant moments can lead to disaster
- How to ensure that your team has a solid foundation in order to address these moments positively.

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Agile Coachs, Line Managers, Software Developers

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