What is the point of Agility? The senior leadership point of view…

Agility allows IT to enable the business faster by delivering the right solutions sooner and more efficiently. Agile methods have demonstrated many benefits at the project execution level. However, is the scope of Agility really limited to the project level; that is, to first line managers and their teams? How can senior leadership teams also leverage Agile approaches to gain a strategic advantage for their business? How can they use Agility to rapidly change direction in response to new business opportunities while creating an environment of continuous improvement that raises employee engagement and job satisfaction.

Through his experience and classic case study examples, Mathieu will present some of the various strategic options offered by a mature Agile implementation. He will also discuss some of the pitfalls to avoid as well as the investments required to successfully achieve such an implementation. Mathieu is known for his pragmatic approach, his ability to get to the essence of issues using his strong synthesis, analytical, and integrating capabilities, his Agile training, coaching, and facilitation skills, as well as his understanding of complex environments and his focus on results.

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Outline/structure of the Session


Learning Outcome

With more and more project teams using Agile approaches, many new strategic opportunities arise. This presentation will provide participants with information on the following strategic business opportunities available to organizations with a mature Agile implementation:

  • How to increase the efficiency of project portfolio management
  • How to increase the efficiency of internal processes through a culture of continuous improvement
  • How to transform the relationship between business units and IT providers
  • How to transform the contractual relationship with external suppliers
  • How to increase employee mobilization.

Target Audience

Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Directors, Vice-President, President, CIO

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