In 2011, I created a visual tool to help understand the timing and purpose of the Scrum ceremonies. I called it Sprint as a Guide

Since then, I've used this as a visual tool and have modified it over time to be a coaching tool in organizations from 8 people to multi-nationals.

It has been modified over the years to help people truly understand how they can effectively use the Scrum Ceremonies and helps to avoid the "too many meetings" discussions by creating clarity about them along with the necessary roles in this meetings.

This session has been done from the team to the executive level many times (50+) in private and corporate settings with great success in clarifying the ceremonies and most importantly...backlog refinement (grooming).

I decided it was time to share this with the Agile Community as a whole and concluded that this might be a great place to do so.


(note: I'll have some pretty slides before the conference).

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Outline/Structure of the Tutorial

5 minutes - Welcome and get to know the audience

30 minutes - Sprint as a Guide Presentation

10 minutes - Questions and Answers, Wrap-up



Learning Outcome

  • Learn a new visualization to allow quick conversations about location (as in time) within a Sprint by simply drawing a diagram on the wall to focus discussion appropriately.
  • Understand how to re-organize to fit "within" the time-boxes of the Sprint in an effective way. 
  • An better idea of who should come to which ceremonies and why.
  • An appreciation for the overhead cost of Scrum and why using Scrum without removing other meetings will prove problematic.
  • How Backlog Refinement (Grooming) fits into the picture of a Sprint.


Target Audience

For Scrum Masters, Coaches, Project Managers who are looking for a better understanding of how the Sprint's schedule can help a team or an organization.

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