Understanding agility, people, and purpose are fundamental pillars to any decision to approach agile transformations.  Assuming swapping one process for another is a common trap organizations fall into that setup sub-optimized teams.  This talk will cover establishing a baseline of agility, organizational adaptation of lean thinking and some evidence based exercises that reinforce positive team culture and engagement from my 15 years of experience.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Visually rich, text limited, powerpoint driven talk derived from my various agile transformation stories.  Agenda:


Setting the stage

1 – Intro

2 – Define agility

3 – Understand our Why (reason for transformation and product vision)

4 – Approaches to transformation

5 - Transformation process and impact to culture

6 – Agility case study

7 – Wrap up

8 – Questions/Contact

Learning Outcome

Attendees should walk away with a more informed perspective on the human impact of agile transformations, the strength of agile coaching and how to build a purpose built agile curriculum for the continuum of transformation.

Target Audience

Managers, Executives, Team Leads, Agents of Change

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