The 4 W's of Agile Product Delivery

Discuss the concept of The 4 W's of agile product delivery in order to help with estimating and projecting product releases while working in an agile environment.  The 4 W's are the "Why", "What", "When" and "Who" which are the variables product owners and other stakeholders can manipulate in order to determine the release date and content.

Not all software can be released continuously.  As much as we try to avoid it, long term release planning is still necessary in some environments.  This session will talk about a new concept of using the 4 W's methodology to add transparency, predictability and collaboration when it comes to long term release planning


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Introduction 
  • Share personal challenge we had with predictability around product releases 
  • Talk about different approaches we tried to solve the problem and the shortcomings of those methods
  • Discuss the 4 W's concept in more detail and how to implement it in your environment
  • Summarize how the new process worked in our environment and the benefits it provided
  • Questions & Answers

Learning Outcome

  •  Teach product owners and development/engineering managers how to plan and manage predictable product releases using the 4W's concepts
  • Provide ways for product owners to educate and work with external departments and stakeholders when planning long term product releases
  • Show how we can introduce visibility and predictability to the product delivery process when working in an agile environment 

Target Audience

Product Owners, Engineering and development managers, scrum masters, executives, other stakeholders

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