Tasty Dog Food! A Year Taking My Own Advice

In August 2015, I became a Software Development Manager at You.i TV. In doing so I landed in the role that was quite often the target of the Agile coaching I had been doing for many years. It was time to eat my own dog food!

This talk reviews the ups and downs of the last year, with advice that I took, advice that I threw away, and advice that I modified.


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Outline/structure of the Session

  • Introduction and presentation of what I learned - 20 minutes
  • Group discussion about the topics and how they apply to other contexts - 20 minutes
  • Review - 5 minutes

Learning Outcome

First and foremost, you'll learn that even Agile Coaches are fallible! smile  The session examines common coaching topics and how the advice I had given others had worked for me when I had to actually apply it. The primary goal is to determine how to take what I learned and apply it in other organizations and business domains.

Target Audience

Agile Coaches, Team Managers, Project Managers

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