Me, My Father's illness and Facilitation. A Happy Ending Story

In this session, I will walk you through some areas of my childhood, introduce you to my father and explain you how I've used facilitation skills to fight back daddy's illness (alcoholism). During this session, you'll learn more about who I am, and if you pay attention or participate, maybe you'll take away two or three facilitation techniques combined with an inspiring and personal happy ending story.

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Outline/structure of the Session

This is how I'm going to run the session:
- I'll be giving the audience some context about the subject (10 minutes)
- Then I will invite participants to share their experiences about the subject in groups (5 minutes)
- Then I will show them, some examples of what I've experience with my dad and how I used facilitation techniques to deal with different situations (15 minutes)
- Then I will ask the audience to share some personal examples where they have used facilitation techniques without knowing it in life (5 minutes)
- I will ask the audience to build a connection map with shared examples in a wall.(10 Minutes)
- Then I'll share Two techniques that I use to propulsing and elevating my facilitation skills (10 minutes)
- Then I will close sharing the end of me and dad personal story (5 minutes)
- I'll leave the space open for questions and answers (5 Minutes)

Learning Outcome

The audience would have:
- Learned more about who I am as a person.
- Learned two or three facilitation techniques.
- Learned how to keep a group of people engaged, by focusing on the process, the pace and the timeframe of a meeting.
- Experienced what life have tought me and how I've used it to be a better person and a better professional.

Target Audience

Agile Practitioners, Facilitators, Agile Leaders


It would be nice if participants have experienced facilitation. I mean, you have worked with a facilitator, maybe you have been a facilitator too. But if you're curious just come and join us!

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