Getting Freddie Mercury and Spice Girls together on stage

Ever been in a situation when the Product Manager comes and asks for “a couple of small changes that are high priority” and the team says “They’re kind of big. Which one do you want first? Really, really!”.  “I want them all! As soon as possible.”.

There are many directions one can go from here. One can work harder or work smarter. While you probably know ways to work harder, but let’s explore ways to work smarter.

In this talk Ardita will share techniques that she has used which produce good results. She will talk about Product management, technical backbone, collaboration and how all to get Product managers and teams “singing” together in harmony and with focus.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

I will touch on 4 main concepts: Experimentation, Prioritization, CI/CD and Collaboration.

I plan to spend 5-7 minutes on each. I will split the rest of the time on intro (2 min) and Q&A (5 min)


Learning Outcome

Create Experiments and run them

Need of CI/CD to help with delivery of small changes/experiments/MVP

Prioritization techniques

Need for collaboration between different stakeholders for fast feedback loop

Target Audience

Product Manager, Product Owner, Team member

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic Agile and understand agile team

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