Agile Marketing - Is it a 'thing'? How Agile Marketing Kicked Our Team Into High Gear

Is Agile Marketing even a 'thing'? Absolutely! After years of using Agile with Scrum in development capacities, we implemented the approach for all of our marketing efforts. In this session, you will learn how to transition your team to use Agile marketing, how to measure your success and ROI and the benefits of being more responsive and strategic with your marketing resources.

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Outline/structure of the Session

What is Agile Marketing

Why use this approach

How we transitioned

Overcoming hurdles and sticking to an Agile approach

Benefits and pain points of Agile Marketing

Measuring Marketing ROI

Steps to implement Agile Marketing in your organization.

Learning Outcome

Extend Agile beyond development and product management

Align marketing and R&D organizations on process

Measure and monitor ROI

Become more responsive and strategic with your marketing strategy

Target Audience

CEO's, COO's, Marketers, Data Analysts

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