"Culture eats strategy for breakfast" (Peter Drucker) and snacks on agile teams before lunch. Join two agile veterans as we examine the cultural traits of two clients and their very different responses to our team's agile practices. You'll journey with the product owner and technical lead as we contrast how the same agile practices built momentum and trust with one organization, while producing a demoralizing failure with the second. Come away from this session with a list of organizational characteristics to consider when introducing agile to an organization. We'll also share some lessons learned that you can use to navigate different organizational attitudes.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  1. Amanda & Jason St-Cyr introduce themselves
  2. Introduction of client organizational personas >> Based on real clients, but no client names will be revealed
  3. Address the following question, using the following principles and client reactions:
    • Q: How can agile principles impact project success, given different organizational cultures?
    • A: Principles that can be perceived as either a benefit or a threat, depending on culture:
      • Ambiguity with end product/ability to accommodate changing requirements combined with frequent delivery
      • Trusting teams to work together to come to the best solution
      • Adjusting budget, scope and time as needed
      • And 1 or 2 more, time allowing
  4. Review of generalized organizational characteristics, projected responses to agile principles and recommendations on how to navigate
  5. Questions

Learning Outcome

  • A list of organizational characteristics to consider when introducing agile to a client or within a company
  • Indications of which organizational characteristics can lead to success or failure
  • Lessons learned that can be used to navigate different organizational attitudes

Target Audience

Agile practitioners encountering challenges with organizational culture


Experience with Agile practices and terminology. We'll be discussing the behaviours of various agile team members (product owner, scrum master, client etc), agile deliverables (user stories, automated tests) and other development concepts (demos, sprints, bugs) with the assumption that the audience understands their definition and has used them in practice.

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