Managing Agile - How an agile transformation can be the key to becoming a great manager

Your company has proclaimed the following, in a "Managers Only" email:

We are going agile! We’re restructuring the department into small, self-organizing, cross functional teams. Each team will have a Product Owner who will prioritize the work, and a Scrum Master who will make sure we’re working well. We’ll be announcing all of this at a company-wide meeting this Friday!"

“Wait a second,” you think to yourself… “that’s my job! What do I do now? Should I start working on my resume? WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?!"

While many companies will initially make mistakes in trying to address these concerns, the ones that truly succeed in their transformations have managers who share some common shifts in focus.

In this talk, I will cover how managers in an agile environment can now focus on being a great manager - and in so doing, accelerate their teams’ progress towards high performance.

Just imagine! Now that you are unburdened from the drudge of day-to-day “cat herding”, you can focus on the long term health and efficacy of your teams.

Imagine actually having the time and agency to focus on your employees’ professional development. Actually having the time to deeply think about and change team composition. Having the freedom to address environmental issues that your teams bring up. And perhaps most importantly, you can now spend time removing impediments for your teams.

An agile transformation is not something to be afraid of! Great managers see Agile as an opportunity to have an even larger, more meaningful impact on their companies.

Note: this talk was originally presented at Toronto Agile Conference 2016.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • So, your company is going Agile
  • Miscasting of managers - common mistakes made
  • What responsibilities do I need to let go of?
  • What can I focus on instead?
    • Professional Development
    • Shaping the Environment
    • Shaping the Teams
    • Irradiating Impediments

Learning Outcome

  • Learn about common miscasting of managers in an agile environment, and why they should be avoided
  • A basic understanding of how responsibilities are divided in a newly agile environment
  • Learn that an agile transition can provide an opportunity for managers to actually have a LARGER impact on the company, by providing them the space and the agency to focus on being a great manager

Target Audience

Middle Managers, Line Managers and other leaders who are unsure of how their role might change in an agile environment

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