Agile crocodiles and dinosaurs : Adapt or Die

“It is neither the strongest of species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones that are most responsive to change - Charles Darwin”. Agility is not solely about how fast one can move. On the contrary, it is how adaptive and responsive one is to a change with minimal adverse effect. To survive in its ecosystem, an organization much like a living mammal, must grow in size as well as evolve to adapt and protect itself from predators.

In today's complex world of business and technology, Performance and scalability are key optimization opportunities for any organization. Also, a relentless focus on innovation, human capital and global expansion is pivotal for these opportunities to materialize. The ability to evolve in these areas can create competitive advantage for an organization in its habitat. To address these initiatives and ensure its success, companies need to empower their human capital with the right tools and resources to execute their strategy consistently and reliably in the midst of continuous change.

Attend this session to explore ways to realize these opportunities into tangible outcomes, thereby enabling an organization to evolve, stay competitive, think, lead and execute; driving increased revenues, profitability and market shares as the end result. We will introduce a framework that spans 6 key areas; Ideation, Nature, Vision, Engagement, Synthesis and Transition. The session will also demonstrate techniques to enhance business agility using an agility model and the dinosaur analogy.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  • Introduction and Red Queen Effect (5 min)
  • Exploring the mnemonic - INVEST (20 min)
    • Transition: Turning outputs into operations, transition is the ultimate measure of success, where organizations move the results of project-based work in mainstream of operations
      Synthesis: Carrying out projects mapped to priorities, synthesis is where engagement meets execution, ensuring organizations are successful in aligning project and program with a portfolio.
      Engagement: Connecting strategy to investments, engagement is clear demonstration that an organization is funding the right projects that will further the strategy
      Vision: The ultimate destination and route, Vision includes the goals, metrics, and strategy that form the foundation of organizations business.
      Nature: Creating the condition for strategic execution, Nature embodies the culture and structure, more importantly, the environment and context, within which organization operates.
      Ideation: This is where Passion and Drive originates. Ideation is where organization's understanding of what it is and how it appears in the world, expressed through its purpose, identity and long range intention.
  • Top Down or Bottom Up Approach to evolve (10 min)
  • Conclusion (5 min)
  • Q&A and close out (5 min)

Learning Outcome

  • Identify blocks to build a successful foundation
  • Explore INVEST framework to select advantageous strategic projects and to execute them effectively
  • Identify key areas to stay focused on the initiatives essential to accelerating, increasing performance, managing change as well as scaling the business

Target Audience

This session will have benefit anyone who wants to to look for new ways and approach to realizing business goals and improve organizational agility as a whole.



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