The Learning Manifesto - Guiding Principles of Accelerated Learning

For too long, traditional classroom instructions have been created on the assumptions that they should be fact based. In the corporate world too, most of the training and lecture content is printed on powerpoint slides. Some might not know that this is not the most effective way to teach or learn. The Problems we face with this approach are, learners lose interest during the training or lecturing session and/or they can not retain the information given to them. Various researches have shown brain based learning techniques are most helpful. Brains normal process is to learn new information or enhance any information.

As long as our brains are not prohibited from fulfilling its normal process, learning will occur. Join us as we understand and explore ways to make concept and training content stick to learners mind. Learn ways to make training interactive, fun and enjoyable by using the learning manifesto. Teachers, trainers, coaches or even learners can create appropriate experiences and capitalize on those experiences.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  1. Introduction to Topic [10 Mins]
  2. Activity # 1 [5 Mins]
  3. Guiding Principle # 1 and 2 (Conversation) [10 Mins]
  4. Activity # 2 [5 Mins]
  5. Guiding Principle # 3 and 4 (Conversation) [10 Mins]
  6. Activity # 3 [5 Mins]
  7. Guiding Principle # 5 and 6 (Conversation) [10 Mins]
  8. Activity # 4 [10 Mins]
  9. Conclusion, Q&A [10 Mins]

Learning Outcome

• Learn the brain science principles behind learning which helps in retaining information.

• Learn the teaching/training methods which are beneEicial over traditional teaching/training methods.

• Discover the usefulness of Learning Manifesto during any session, training or customer collaboration.

• Walk away with six techniques/principles to help learners learn and use the information being shared.

Target Audience

individual contributors, managers, Agile coaches, Scrum masters, POs

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