Top Ten Pitfalls to Avoid in Enterprise Agile Transformation

Organizations have moved passed the decision of whether or not they need to be Agile. Agility in most industries has become a competitive advantage. There was a time when disruptive technology used to serve companies well for a reasonable number of years. However, the fast pace of change triggered by technology and globalization has made everyone’s competitive edge short lived. In recent years Netflix disrupted the movie rental business and brought Block Buster to its knees, but Netflix cannot afford to rest on his laurels, it has to continue to innovate and to innovate requires an ecosystem which allows empowered teams to fail fast, deliver in small increments, test the market sooner and more often, and accelerate the learning cycle with continuous and frequent feedback.

When an organization embarks on an Agile transformation journey it has to make sure it has planned and learned from transformation failures. In this presentation we will share with you the insight that we have gained from the many transformation projects we have been a part of and reflect on the top 10 pitfalls that everyone should be aware of. Join us as we explore these insightful questions such as; should be we do Big Bang or small Bang? Should we start from the bottom or from the top? Should we get the business side involved early or late in the transformation process? And so on an so forth. We will share with you experience and ground truths from real transformation across wide range of industries.

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Outline/structure of the Session

10 Mistakes to avoid

  1. Allowing too much complacency
  2. Failing to create a powerful guiding coalition – What does a coalition team look like and what is the transformation backlog
  3. Underestimating the power of vision – Without a vision change dies a slow death
  4. Under communicating Vision - Learn how lack of alignment disrupts momentum
  5. Absence of broad based empowerment – Lack of support system to create a pull for the change.
  6. Permitting obstacles to block vision – How do we get past organization impediments.
  7. Understanding difference between 20th and 21st century organization structure
  8. Failing to create short term wins – How can we turn cynics and skeptics into allies
  9. Declaring victory too soon – Learn from several agile transformations where change regresses or hits a plateau.
  10. Neglecting to Anchor Changes firmly in the corporate culture

Learning Outcome

For organizations and leadership embarking on agile transformation or struggling with transformation they will benefit by understanding

- How to avoid sense of complacency by creating a sense of urgency

- Developing a vision and communication organization wide repeatedly

- How to form a eclectic agile transformation group

- Avoid slowing down the organization while change is in progress

- Support systems that needs to be in place to take change past the so called Valley of death

- Creating quick wins

- Anchoring change to make the change as new normal

Target Audience

Middle Managers , project and program managers , senior leadership on IT and business side , portfolio managers , product managers .


Basic understanding of change management.

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