Strategic Portfolio Management With Kanban

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Portfolio management is a key aspect of organizational performance. The ability to visualize upcoming projects, projects in progress, the process of value creation, the dependencies, the ability to share a common vision and to throttle the work in progress based on organizational capacity are all contributing elements to the effectiveness of an organization.

Unfortunately, the shared vision of a portfolio is too often buried in a tool shared with too few people and does not help the organization build a global and cohesive plan of action.

But when we think about it... Value chain, limiting work in progress, transparency, flow... have you ever thought about using Kanban for portfolio management? Seems like a great idea!

Create alignment around what delivers value to your end-users, use cadence to move forward, help shape a new organizational culture, support innovation, continuous improvement, and leadership and unite people around a shared mission, that is what Kanban at the strategic level can bring.

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Outline/structure of the Session

The presentation will be in three parts:

  1. A little bit of theory (presented in an interactive manner) on flow, pull systems, Kanban and such.
  2. Then we will look at how we can apply these principles and practices in portfolio management.
  3. Finally, a return on experience with a real-world large government implementation.

All of this while engaging the audience and having a bit of fun in the process.

Learning Outcome

  1. Have participants change the way they approach portfolio management.
  2. Position the principles and practices behind Kanban as powerful tools for an effective portfolio management.
  3. Through simple and entertaining examples, participants will understand how to apply Kanban to strategic portfolio management.
  4. Finally, participants will get a sense of the challenges that come along when implementing a strategic portfolio management with Kanban.

Target Audience

Managers, Project Managers, CIOs, Product Owners, Architects

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