Since most organization change initiatives fail, you should aim to stack the odds in your favor if you want DevOps to thrive in your organization. This is why you should use metaphors. Metaphors make complex stuff simple and invite open-minded discussions and contributions.

In this talk, we explain why DevOps is so popular and why it is best considered an organization-wide initiative. We will then spend most of the talk presenting strategies and powerful metaphors you can leverage to increase your chances of success in your organization's DevOps journey.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  1. The DevOps Restaurant: the overarching metaphor
  2. Why is DevOps popular?
  3. The power of Value Stream Mapping
  4. Cycling and DevOps- let's begin!

Learning Outcome

Participants will come out of the session with:

  • a simple and powerful metaphor to explain DevOps
  • understanding what DevOps is and what its promises are
  • another metaphor to invite everyone's contributions in Continuous Improvement
  • an example of a winning strategy to become a DevOps org

Target Audience

Leaders and Change Agents


Participants will benefit most from the session if they are already aware of what DevOps can do for their organization and interested in starting a transformation or have one in progress.

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