Co-creative leadership proposes the type of leadership required to create a working environment that results in increased collaboration, better communication, collective ownership and a focus on high quality results.

Co-creative leaders:

  • Identify, awaken and empower the dormant leaders in their organization

  • Are a voice among many when collaborating with their teams

  • Inspire and foster engagement rather than compliance

  • Embody and model the values they believe in both at home and at work

  • Are aware and take ownership of their personal impact on the people around them

  • Encourage teams to learn from their mistakes and through experimentation

This hands-on workshop will explore the five key skills of a co-creative leader and will allow you to experience them through simple games.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

- Introduction to co-creative leadership

- Key skill #1 - Being a voice among many in the conversation - theory and exercise

- Key skill #2 - Unleashing the leaders around them - theory and exercise

- Key skill #3 - Developing the capacity of their team - theory and exercise

- Key skill #4 - Dancing with the leaders around them - theory and exercise

- Key skill #5 - Encouraging learning by doing - theory and exercise

- Closing

Learning Outcome

At the end of the session participants will:

- have a better understanding of what is co-creative leadership

- know the five key skills of a co-creative leader

- have experienced each of the skills through simple hands-on exercises

Target Audience

Project managers, managers, scrum masters, agile coaches, technical leader, executive, leadership junkies

Prerequisites for Attendees

No prerequisites necessary

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