Handling challenge of collaboration for effective agility!

Single individual rarely delivers business value!

Enterprise Collaboration is a process in which the right people connect with the right expertise or information at the right time to drive the right business decision.

Working together with different technical skills, exposure and experience and expertise is needed for business results. Moreover different perceptions provide variety of outlooks. With globalization and competitive world around; increased specialization of expertise is needed; fast decision making has become inevitable; time to market is reducing and being sustainable organization in the market has become a big challenge! In this environment collaboration is just not a buzz word but it’s often the difference between success and failure!

The benefits that enterprises can reap from collaboration are - Outsourced management keep operational cost low, share ideas, being wrong early, being right more often along with reduction of error rates and re-work time, get better industry perspective from different experts along with faster decisions. Sharing of efforts for driving results and enhanced performance of an individual as well as organization are noticeable advantages.

Inevitable bi-product of great collaborative organizations with strong collaborative culture is stress reduction and strong team formation due to fostering healthy and productive employee relationships. Collaboration drives accountability and productivity. Learning from each other is encouraged and observed. Result is simple - better employee retention and job satisfaction!

My paper shall focus on collaboration facilitation, managing collaborative leadership, collaborative tools deployment and its impacts for driving a cultural change for an excellent corporate culture!

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Outline/structure of the Session

Introduction to collaboration

Essential factors

reaping benefits


Driving collaboration leadership 

Handling Challenges

Sum up



Learning Outcome

Managing Agile deployment learning

Setting right culture 

Handling challenges


Target Audience

Agile practitioners and freshers

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