This is very interesting time for QA industry with QA definitions being re-written with Agile and DevOps trend. Expectations from QA changing significantly with business trends around Digital, Data Analytics and many more!

Though, at one end we observe changes in perception around QA, in parallel QA also continues to keep riding maturity wave rapidly and especially where it had an early start to continue adopting to changes in software engineering. This upliftment of QA maturity is primarily coming in form of QA Transformation. QA Transformation is the mechanism where QA maturity upside move is being planned and executed leveraging different QA solutions, processes & capabilities focusing on evolving business objectives.

Interestingly, there has not been standard definitions around QA Transformation. Different organizations use it in various ways and dilute the real purpose of QA Transformation to some extent. Some organizations have taken it ahead in right way and have focused on uplifting their QA maturity significantly and sustainably realizing large gains. However, other organizations have consolidated any change they introduce in their QA approach or methods under QA Transformation which has understandably not delivered them the result they were looking for from QA Transformation.

This all happened for absence of the model which these organizations could have leveraged to build and run their QA Transformation and get the benefits they always desired for. It's critical that any QA Transformation model remains flexible to adjust to changing engineering practices and also provides scalability business look for. 

This presentation brings forward the framework PRIME designed for modeling QA Transformation especially with emerging IT trends around Agile and DevOps as well as business trends around Digital, Big Data and others.  Organizations looking at making jumpstart in QA Transformation will especially find this useful to move ahead and approach the QA Transformation right from start. Organizations already progressing on their QA Transformation will be able to use this to validate their approach around QA Transformation and make necessary adjustments.

This framework PRIME brings together different phases involved in setting up and driving QA Transformation. Considering that each organization is different and would need to align QA Transformation to their existing set ups, this framework emphasizes on providing guidelines instead of rules while defining step based approach on QA Transformation in simplified way.  It encompasses the experience from some of industry’s significant QA Transformation programs and thus emphasizes on avoiding some of the frequent pitfalls observed in QA Transformation implementation. Suggested methods in the paper points to some of the methods used by author in QA Transformation assignments which have delivered effective results. Additionally, provides some of the best practices which can be leveraged by other organizations easily simplifying the implementation.

The PRIME framework is constructed to reduce the duration and efforts required in establishing and maintaining QA Transformation while ensuring that every QA Transformation initiative meets the objective of delivering significant and sustainable benefits for business and technology teams both.

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Outline/structure of the Session

This is indicative outline and will be evolved based on feedbacks/interests. 


1. What's challenging QA today?

2. Why QA Transformation is gaining importance?

3. Why existing transformation approaches are not working?

4. What is PRIME framework and how does it support QA Transformation better

5. How PRIME has made impact for some large banks


Learning Outcome

This is indicative list and will evolve with the feedbacks/interests expressed. 


1. Obtain understanding on what's challenging QA transformation today.

2. Overview of framework defining QA transformation model aligning with changes we are observing in industry. 

3. Insights to some of the success stories on QA Transformation by large banks. 

4. Best practices to drive QA Transformation

Target Audience

Test Leads, Test Managers, Test Program Managers, Testing Heads, Transformation Leads, CXOs

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  • Schalk Cronjé
    By Schalk Cronjé  ~  2 years ago
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    Can you shorten it to 45min?


    Additionally I'm feeling there is too much of the QA word in this. I am pedantic here, but I would liek to see it paraphrased to focus on transforming the traditional silo'd testing department to an effective and integrated product development team.

  • Aditya Garg
    By Aditya Garg  ~  2 years ago
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    Hi Sumit.

    60 minutes may be too long. Our regular slots are 45 minutes. Do you think you may be able to do justice in 45 minutes ?