During this session, we will discuss about shifting of testers roles/responsibilities from last 10-20 years to present and then to future. What all challenges we faced as testing community to reach to present level and what all challenges would be there to face future requirements.

We will also focus on how this becomes more challenging for a tester, specially when working in Agile environments and what all other challenges it adds to testers and how to overcome these challenges.

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Outline/structure of the Session

This session would be organized as below:

1. Introduction

2. Overview and talk about software testing started a decade ago

3. How we reached to present levels and what all is happening around the testing world

4. Challenges in Agile testing

5. What would be future of Testers/Testing

Learning Outcome

Attendees would be taking following benefits after this session:

1. Aware of software testing world, how we started and all things happened a decade ago, how all these were related to software testing?

2. What all are the latest trends and requirements for a Tester?

3. What all challenges are there for testing community specially in agile environments and hot to overcome these.

4. What would be the future of testing so that we can start preparing ourselves from now onwards to tackle better in future.

Target Audience

Software Testers, Agile practitioners, Software Developers, QA Managers and other testing stakeholders

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