Open source test management tool- Testlink

Test management tools offer the prospect of streamlining the testing process and allow quick access to data analysis, collaborative tools and easy communication across multiple project teams
Tracking of defects and project tasks are done within one application to further simplify the testing.
Test management tools give teams the ability to consolidate and structure the test process using one test management tool, instead of installing multiple applications that are designed to manage only one step of the process. Test management tools allow teams to manage test case environments, automated tests, defects and project tasks. Some applications include advanced dashboards and detailed tracking of key metrics, allowing for easy tracking of progress and bug management.

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Outline/structure of the Session

1.Create a Project

2.Create Test Cases (Test Suites) for this Project

3.Create Test Plan

4.Specify Build of the Project you are going to test

5.Add Test Cases to the Test Plan

6.Assign Test Cases to Test Engineers

7.Execute Test Cases (Test Engineers)

8.See Reports and Charts

Learning Outcome

1.We have all the documentation structured and organized.

2.We solve the problem of version control.

3.We can control the testing process (Events log + different kinds of Reports)

4.We can see if all the requirements are covered with Test Cases

5.We can select Test Cases for Regression Testing

We can see the results of testing in a very clear and easy-to-use form

Target Audience

This session is useful for both developers and testers

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  • Schalk Cronjé
    By Schalk Cronjé  ~  2 years ago
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    Test case management tools tend to be old hat and also one of the major places of waste in modern software development. How does Testlink close the loop? Can you demonstrate how the problem of test case to code proximity is addressed? How does it fit with CI. How easy is is for the test case to stay in sync with the test code? Can you write test code in Testlink and execute it? For a session like this those are the questions I would like to see addressed.


    As a further example I am going to compare this with Cucumber even though they have slightly different focus. With Gherkin it is possible to define testcases. Those test case are under source control and therefore versioned. Tests can be inplemented in appropriate languages without changing the test specification or even the editit. Everything can be run locally or under CI reducing documentiotn waste and keeping code to doc distance very small.


    I think you need to be able to show something similar for Testlink.