We are following agile methodology for few years now with significant results in our product delivers. Agile Scrum brought transformation to our product delivers on time with managed cost & schedule. The same agile scrum can bring transformation to our or the individual’s professional, personal life.

We can use agile philosophy phenomenally for being agile instead of following Agile. To bring that transformation first all we need to understand agile scrum & compare with day to day life events, interaction with family or business folks. Understand how knowingly we are follow agile in our day to day life. If we understand the same, then easily we can transform our lives & bring agility to our life which makes easy live either spending life.

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Outline/structure of the Session

- Are We Living life ?


- Following life ?

- Agile is a philosophy

- How Agile Scrum can relate with our life.?
- Different scrum roles in our lives?
- Getting into the rhythm in life.

- Breathe-In & Breathe-Out Technique



Learning Outcome

Everyone start being Agile instead of following agile.

Target Audience

Everyone can attend this session - No role barrier

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