I would like to give a talk on cutting edge tooling for Mobile Testing.


Mobile testing has it challenges:

  1. Support matrix is huge
  2. Functional behavior may change between mobile os
  3. Can you build a “script once” scenario?
  4. Single user performance is complicated and needs to clean out interference of environment conditions
  5. User Experience Testing
  6. Understanding changes with regards to different version given by R&D
  7. Understanding operations problems with regards to network conditions
  8. Understanding security considerations
  9. Where should we focus our time and effort with all this complexity?


Understanding all problem dimensions raises the bar of software delivery and allows companies to reap the rewards of quality excellence.


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Outline/structure of the Session

Framing the problems around mobile testing.

Basic understanding of each problem, and what can solve it.

Understand test design approach to answer test architecture problems.

I will reference solutions from the product that I’m helping to develop which “HPE MobileCenter”


Learning Outcome

Attendee can frame the problems he will face trying to tackle mobile testing. Understanding the problems is most of the solution smile

Target Audience

Testers / Test Managers who wants to go into mobile testing

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  • Aditya Garg
    By Aditya Garg  ~  2 years ago
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    Hi Adi,

    Which tools you plan to showcase ?

     Are you in India, or do you plan to travel to Pune for this event. Have you been to India before ?




    • adi ofry
      By adi ofry  ~  2 years ago
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      The tool is HPE Mobile Center.

      I'm not sure I can travel in this date, but my colleague who is a manager in HPE can travel and attend and present the product and the ideas behind my presentation. He haven't been to India before.

      My colleague (Ameer Tabony) page on LinkedIn: https://il.linkedin.com/in/ameer-tabony-a7997136