A tool is something that helps a tester to test better. Nevertheless, Brain is the ultimate testing tool that nurtures the testing activity to be done better. And even when a tester thinks about a testing tool, it just means that he / she has an idea which was generated in the brain and want to use a particular tool to execute a test idea that was generated in the brain. We have plenty of tools in the computer world, just like plenty of fishes in the ocean. Having said that, these testing tools at times do not help a tester because of the limitations a tool provides or rather the feature was not thought of while developing it because it did not suit the context. Well, the good news is; computer programmers and software testers can come together to solve these problems quickly. This talk is going to help the audience to experience and ignite their brain to think in a new way in the path of innovating in testing tools, micro-services, utilities, web browser plug-ins and more.



Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

This is going to be a roller-coaster ride...

# Testing Tools - Why, where and how?

# Demonstration of some testing tools that make people think... (Usability, Functional and Security)

# Brainstorm on the testing tools that can be developed NOW!

# Usage of open-source JavaScript frameworks in testing

# Quick exercises to initiate ideas for new testing tools (Brainstorming)

# And more... (Whatever the time allows me to)


Learning Outcome

Brain-Work Initiation...

# Audience will start thinking in a new different way (Testing Tools Perspective)

# Will be able to bridge the gap between testers and developers to develop new testing tools

# They will be able to identify wherever they see an opportunity to develop new testing tools

# They will know the techniques of exploration to find testing tools based on context

# In short, they will start to push the testing tribe forward ;-)

Target Audience

Software Testers, Software Programmers... Anyone who is excited of developing new test tool ideas and also writing code to execute the idea.

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    By SAURABH SINHA  ~  3 years ago
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    Dear Santhosh,

    Sounds incredible, this is i what thought and feel a real emergence as well as necessity to new era of Project as well as Product development. I feel we should come up with the strategy what we usually like Mind maps for requirement phase and design of course and finally transitioning the spirit to achieve a brainstorming testing tool into an agile way...Its my personal perspective but would like to know your thoughts as well.

    Additionally i feel that what needs to be done by the coders or programmers as well as testers must be scope out in order to actually make that dream tool as "BRAINSTORMING" tool by actually storming their minds:)

    What you say...

    Your Reader,