Development teams and business decision makers frequently conflict. Business people don’t always understand that without software, their companies wouldn’t make money. Developers don’t always realize that solving a problem requires more than the latest framework. Each group has different priorities. This session is designed to help technical teams reconcile those priorities. You will learn to identify the values you share with the business and how to communicate with those shared values in mind. You’ll also learn how to apply different communication styles when discussing technical solutions with the business. By finding a shared set of values and a shared language, you’ll create solutions that have business and technology working in harmony.


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

The presentation will have an overview of the communication problems teams often face. Then, we'll talk about different communication styles using the DISC assessment, give some practical tips for building rapport, and having conversations once those things have been discovered. There will be interactive components to the talk in the form of brief discussions and exercises.

An organizer of Kansas City Developers Conference has asked me to build a talk on this topic.

Learning Outcome

Identifying communication styles and using them to collaborate more effectively.

Target Audience

Software development team members, business stakeholders

Prerequisites for Attendees


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